Supplier of Antiseptics and Fungicides and Chemical Agents for papermaking, PERMACHEM ASIA


Help people through chemistry, it is our hope.

  • Chemical Agents for Papermaking : Production and sales of Slime Control Agents, Pitch and Scale Control Agents, Coloring and Starch Antiseptics for papermaking.
  • Industrial Antiseptics & Fungicides : Production and Sales of suitable Industrial Antiseptic and Fungicides for each plant and the environment.
  • Pharmaceutical Ingredients : Production and sales of Generic drug, APIs of Japanese pharmacopeia and raw materials for cosmetic.
  • Electronic materials : The Production and sales of charge generation material(CGM) And electron transport material(ETM) and hole transport material(HTM) as the copier use organic photoconductor.
  • Toilet treatment : Production and sales of toilet treatment with strong effect of sterilization, deodorization and cleaning for airplane, train, bus and ships.

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Permachem Asia acquires ISO9001 which is the international standard of the guarantee of quality (except Kikugawa plant).